• High reactivity of big terminal network
  • Reliable data protection
  • Innovative technology of parameters management
  • Cumulative parameters update
  • Multibank and Multiuser systems support
  • Compatibility with any POS-application

B-TMS introduction

B-TMS – terminal management system, one of the basic elements of EFT POS terminals infrastructure. This kind of systems is well known as EFT POS TMS.

The main purpose of the system is remote update of POS terminals with software components, POS applications and application parameters on a regular basis. The goal of B-TMS is to speed up the deployment of banking applications and new value added services at the merchant’s field, and to improve the quality of service. B-TMS improves the reactivity of terminal operational divisions, reduces the operational cost by providing a high level automation of complex terminal network management tasks.


B-TMS supports a wide range of POS terminals:


Ingenico® Tetra: Desk/3200, Desk/3500, Desk/5000, Move/2500, Move/3500, Move/5000, Lane/5000, Lane/7000, Link/2500

Ingenico® Telium2: iCT220iCT250, iWL220, iWL250, iWL280, iWB250, iPP320iPP350iPP480iUP250/iUR250iSC320iSC350iSC480, iSMP, iCMP

Ingenico® TeliumEFTSmartEFT930CAD30  (and the same models of SAGEM Monetel)

Ingenico® Unicapt32: I5100, I7910, I5310, I9500 etc.


B-TMS has an architecture which is independent from terminal platform. Integration with the terminals of other known brands (VeriFone®, Hypercom®, PAX® and others) is affordable.