About Us

JSC “Bancomzvjazok” (BKC) is a highly-specialized company developing innovative complex solutions for corporate clients. We are acting on the market since 1993 with a vision of creating state-of-art system integration solutions, particularly for electronic payments industry.

Company is comprised of more than 150 professionals experienced in IT development, integration and management. They design, build, and maintain information systems suitable for business of any scale, along with delivering outstanding customer assistance.

Company offers the following solutions:

  • B-TMS terminal management system;
  • B-KMS key management system;
  • EFT POS terminal applications (EMV banking, loyalty, petrol);
  • Self-service solutions for petrol stations, hotels, retail etc.;
  • Transaction encryption solutions.

Our products support customers in all daily concerns, eliminating limitations caused by incompatibilities and hassle from their transactions. We take care about all your cashless payment acceptance demands ensuring payments to proceed reliably and securely. Our level of service combined with profound technical background and competitive prices are the key drivers for our achievements. We also distribute associated equipment and materials, specifically Ingenico EFT POS terminals.

Software for electronic payments is always service-driven and sophisticated field, and “Bancomzvjazok” (BKC) takes a pride in providing the highest level of expertise.

We invite you to contact us and discover what and how we might do for your commerce.

Phone: +380 44 363-00-61

Information and Support Service: info@b-tms.com