B-TMS Standard Edition

Terminal Management System for EFT POS terminals.

The product is intended for Banks and Transaction Acquiring Companies with their own EFT POS-terminals networks

B-TMS Standard Edition is a client-server application for Microsoft Windows.

Supported RDBS: Microsoft MS SQL Server 


General functions 

  • Organization of the terminal network structure 
  • Remote updating of the terminals’ parameters 
  • Remote upgrade of the terminal applications
  • Remote upgrade of the Operation System (OS) and System Components for EFT POS-terminals
  • Generating customizable reports with technical information about the terminals and software.
  • Multi-application and multi-user access with logging system


  • Up to 500 000 EFT POS-terminals supported
  • Maximum Database Instances: 1
  • Scalability to the Cloud: None
  • Limitation on number if incoming connection: None
  • Resuming downloading
  • Partial downloading (only actual changes)



Integration tools for third party EFT POS-terminal application developers is available

API for integration with Card Management Systems and for custom WEB-portals is available


EFT POS Terminals compatibility

Ingenico Tetra

Desk 3200/3500/5000

Move 2500/3500/5000

Lane 5000/7000

Link 2500

Ingenico Telium 2

Countertop terminals: iCT220/iCT250 all modifications

Mobile terminals: iWL220/iWL250/iWL280/iWB250

Mobile companions: iSMP350, iCMP350

Self-Service terminals: iUN Series (iUP250/iUR250/iUC150/iUC180/iUC160)  


Ingenico Telium (and same models of SAGEM Monetel)

EFT930 (all modifications)

EFTSmart (all modifications)



Ingenico Unicapt32

I5100, I7910, I5310, I9500 etc. 


Components and infrastructure

System requirements

Versions Comparison Chart


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