B-TMS  Terminal Management System for EFT POS-terminals


B-TMS is the new generation terminals management system providing prompt and fully automated remote update of the EFT POS-Terminals with the application parameters and software including the operating system.

The main purpose of B-TMS is remote update of software components, applications and parameters on a regular basis. B-TMS allows to build a highly reactive and cost-efficient terminal network to meet the most progressive business requirements.

B-TMS main screen

B-TMS general functions: 

  • Organization of the terminal network structure 
  • Remote updating of the terminals’ parameters 
  • Remote upgrade of the terminal software including OS and system components
  • Remote management tools for group operations
  • Tracking the update process
  • Generating customizable reports with technical information about the terminals and software.
  • Multi-application and multi-user access with logging system
  • Integration tools for third party terminal application developers
  • APIs for integration with Host systems and WEB-portals are available


Fully Automated Update

Payment terminals communicate B-TMS for update automatically by schedule ― either on the daily basis or on the certain days of the week or at each settlement. Therewith terminal downloads only up-to-date data if available. An update process does not require any intervention of technical staff at the terminal side that allows to upgrade entire terminal network within the shortest period.


Reliability and Performance

Remote download system is tailored in order to minimize the stress load over the terminal network: only modified data are transferred; data compression is applied; resuming downloading is supported.


Innovative parameters management system

B-TMS allows updating a wide range of parameter types: allowed transactions/functions, BIN-tables, transaction limits, EMV public keys, receipt templates, SSL-certificates, as well as thousands of other parameters.


Group operations for large scale updates of terminal networks

B-TMS has dedicated tools for performing changes on groups of terminals significantly simplifying management of a large network. For instance, the terminals may be selected from a network by various criteria to a group and afterwards, the modifications can be applied only for this selected group of terminals.


Useful templates

System of templates with pre-configured terminals’ profiles for various use cases (retail, supermarket, hotel, etc.) significantly simplifies the deployment of new terminals.


Adjustable reports 

B-TMS provides customizable reports with technical information on the network of virtually any content. Special tools enable to make the selection of terminals according to any parameters or combinations thereof and then to save the report in Excel format.


Tools for technical support 

Special tools for support team significantly simplify the exchange of technical information between the specialists. The scheme for obtaining new versions of terminal software from vendor is simplified ― a new version of terminal application can be delivered by a single file via email, this file can be simply added to B-TMS and after that you can immediately start updating the terminal with new software.


Components and infrastructure

System requirements

Versions Comparison Chart

B-TMS Standard Edition (click to learn more)

B-TMS IngEstate Edition (click to learn more)

B-TMS Multibank Edition (click to learn more)